Denver Sports Legend Goes Viral for Biking Around Town with 4 Dogs (and Sweet Tunes) Leave a comment

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A Denver man brings sunshine with him wherever he goes as he bikes around town blasting upbeat music and towing his four happy dogs. Harvey. Charley, and Moose ride behind him on special bike trailers, and Rafa sits in his bike basket.

Leashing up for a ride

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Once upon a time, he was known as Jumpin’ Joe, the world record holder for jumping cars on his custom BMX bike at Mile High Stadium. These days he’s better known as Joe Trainer, the fitness coach behind It Burns Joe Fitness, and as the legendary bike guy who rides for miles around town with his fuzzy dogs in tow.

Joe winning a world record on classic TV show ‘That’s Incredible’

Now he’s a personal trainer, small business owner, and local legend. Enjoy some more videos of Joe and the crew tootin’ around town.

Here’s the ‘Joe’s eye view’ of his power train in action

He will let you pose with the bike!

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More videos of Joe and the dogs spreading their good vibes

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Joe is a Denver icon

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Let us know if you’ve seen him too!

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Harvey, Charley, Moose, and Rafa relaxing

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