Donate for Strays

India is emerging to be one of the most pet friendly counties in the world. Pet parent are increasing at one of the fastest rates. Breed dogs are on the rise in India and pet parents keep searching to provide the best convenience and care to their best friend at home. On the other hand, India has more than 30 million stray dogs with more than a million stray dogs dying of starvation. The dogs who live on the streets are stray dogs but they are as good as any breed dog. It’s often their circumstances which are much worse. Often subjected to physical abuse, conditions of stray dogs deteriorate rapidly but thanks to the good and compassionate people like you. There will always be good and bad but with good humans like you, we can truly admit that there is certainly humanity left and a day will come soon when these adorable creatures will have a wonderful home too. Until then, with your donation, we will make sure food, water and medical facilities are available left out on the streets, fighting for their very lives.

Feed a stray now!

What makes dogs the most valued animal on the planet.  They are our hero’s before we see them, they find the way for us, protect us, hunt for us, they know us, they be most kind and loyal to us, they are our best friend. They have done this for us for hundreds of decade and they will continue to do it for many years in the future too but it is time for us to love them more than ever before.

We must bring them home for life, feed them clean food and water, and give them our love because they deserve the best.

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